The Burning of Weapons in Three Guberniias and the Return of the Reserve Conscription Cards

  • Grigoriǐ Vasil’evich Verigin


As the reader already knows, the day selected for the burning of weapons was Peter and Paul’s day, June 29, 1895. On this day, in all the three guberniias, Doukhobors willing to follow the advice of Pëtr Vasil’evich had to burn all of their weapons. Not all the Doukhobors knew about the day and where the fire would be started. They were only expected to discuss and decide this matter in earnest, and then they would be notified later. No more than two or three reliable people in every village knew about that day. This was done so that the government would not learn about it in advance, because if they had learned about it, they would have taken all measures to not allow it. Although the weapons did not belong to the government, the officials knew well that the government’s power would be undermined by such actions.

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