• Theodore J. Gordon
  • Mariana Todorova


Issue: The problem here is that in religion, as well as in other institutions, we see corruption, immorality, ethical lapses, and abuses. It is entwinement with government and that mix raises questions about who makes and enforces laws, sets education standards, and provides security: the people, the King, or God? Does it make any difference? The USA tries to isolate religion from government but its motto is “In God We Trust.” School children in pledging allegiance to the USA say, “one nation, under God.” The House of Representatives of the US Congress has a Chaplin who creates a prayer for the country every day thanking “Almighty God… for giving us another day.” Currently, all State Constitutions in the USA refer to a Creator, but include guarantees of religious liberty. The constitutions of eight states Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Pennsylvania have provisions that prohibit atheists from holding public office.


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