Doing Philosophy on the Computer and Doing Philosophy with the Computer

  • S. J. Roberto Busa


In this text Busa explores some of the contributions that computing can make to philosophy. He writes that the use of the computer in informatics research gives rise to a particular kind of philosophy that is distinct from that pursued by professional philosophers. Yet, the observations that he goes on to make about language being the starting point of philosophy imply that his remarks are not limited to one kind of philosophy over another. He again argues that the most important contribution of the computer to scholarship is its ability to handle an unprecedented mass of data. Because of this the computer can allow intricate linguistic analysis of any kind of human expression, whether philosophical or not. Hence, he writes that the computer will contribute to philosophy to the extent that words are used to express philosophical thoughts. Busa emphasizes his vast experience of computer-mediated linguistic analysis. He estimates that he had analysed 22 million words in 19 languages and 8 different alphabets by the time of the writing of this article.


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