Development of the Nano-mineral Phases at the Steel-Bentonite Interface in Time of the Evolution of Geological Repository for Radioactive Waste

  • B. H. Shabalin
  • O. M. Lavrynenko
  • O. Yu. Pavlenko
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 221)


The present review is aimed at the analysis of recent original publications, devoted to the study of the phase formation processes at the interface between bentonite buffer, containing montmorillonite (70–90 mass.%), and the surface of steel container under conditions of radioactive waste geological repository. It is expected that the evolution of geological disposal leads to the changes of mineralogical, geo-mechanical, and hydraulic properties of bentonite buffer. Ferric saponite, berthierine, or chlorite may be formed under the following conditions as the products of phase transformations of the buffer material. The primary iron-oxygen structures may be formed on the surface of steel container under conditions of geological repository, and, probably, they will contribute to fix radionuclides at the steel-bentonite interface. So, to predict the long-term stability of bentonite buffer under conditions of geological repository, including mineralogical-geochemical processes, a complex experimental study is required.

One of the important processes that can become critical for bentonite’s isolating properties is the illitization of montmorillonite, which rate depends on temperature, chemical composition of the water medium (pH and concentration of alkaline cations, especially K+), degree of bentonite saturation with water, and the ratio between dispersed phase and dispersion medium. Whereas the low temperature in the repository does not permit to run the illitization process, the usage of external building materials, in particular, cements, may shift the balance and lead to transformation of bentonite into illite.


Bentonite Corrosion of steel Steel-bentonite interface Phase transformation of bentonite Illitization Green Rust Ferrihydrite 


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  • O. M. Lavrynenko
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  • O. Yu. Pavlenko
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  2. 2.I.M. Frantsevych Institute of Material Science Problems of NAS of UkraineKyivUkraine

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