Neuroanatomy Applied to Clinical Practice

  • Mauro A. T. Ferreira


Neurosurgery is a rapidly evolving medical specialty. It has been experiencing a fast and growing technological development. The technological advancements have greatly improved the surgeon’s and the patient’s safety and procedure efficacy. The most basic and important field of knowledge for the neurosurgeon is the microsurgical anatomy of the brain. This chapter focuses on the basics and yet comprehensive review of the anatomy pertinent to neurosurgery. The relevant anatomy of the brain lobes, their main sulci and gyri, and the basic function of particular regions of the brain are reviewed. It is important that the reader becomes acquainted with the most important brain areas. Although a thorough knowledge of the neurosurgical microanatomy takes years to become familiar with, we offer a systematic review of the anatomy that is affordable to the general physician and residents. We hope it sparks the reader’s interest for further, in-depth, interest in this subject.


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