PSA Peugeot Citroen’s Car Plants in Spain Part I: 1951–1989

  • A. J. Jacobs


This chapter covers the histories of PSA’s Vigo and Madrid car plants through 1989. It begins with Vigo’s origins as Citroen Hispania Balaidos, including Peugeot’s absorption of Citroen in 1974. It then reviews PSA Madrid’s beginnings as Barreiros Diesel in the capital city’s Villaverde district, its expansion to incorporate a Chrysler car plant in 1965, and PSA’s decision to acquire Chrysler’s European operations in 1978. The remainder of this chapter focuses on PSA’s 1979–1989 efforts to integrate these two Spanish factories into its European production network. This then provides a foundation for Chap.  17.


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