Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Conquering King of Saturday Morning

  • Gina O’Melia


In this chapter, O’Melia addresses what Yu-Gi-Oh! is and how, unlike with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Pokémon, it was able to be popular while not having to reflect traditional Saturday Morning conventions. Instead, it reflected the conventions of its predecessors and introduced new, foreign ones of its own. From this point, she further explores Yu-Gi-Oh’s influence and the reaction of the networks at the time by analyzing Dragonball Z Kai, a Japanese program, and Teen Titans, a popular American production, that were both previously successful on cable and referenced the same source material as Yu-Gi-Oh!, in order to see how Japanese integration appeared in this third stage of the cultural transition and Japanese integration on Saturday Morning.

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  • Gina O’Melia
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