Conclusion: The Functions of the Frontera in the Late Ancient Imagination

  • Peter Anthony Mena
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In the conclusion, I tie together themes from Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera that I have argued are present in hagiographical literature. I show how these larger themes reimagine important literature in the history of Christianity. Hagiographies are themselves liminal texts—part biography, part panegyric, part history, part novel—and therefore aptly describe hybrid or borderland space. The hybridity of the space is reflected in the hybridity of the Christian saint articulated in this literature. As such, scholars must reconcile with prior understandings of the ancient desert—often described either as literary and constructed or as a very “real” space. Arguing for both spaces as real and imagined rearticulates Christian subjectivity and thus redefines how the authors of these works attempted to articulate saintliness.

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