Obesity Surgery: Evolution from Laparoscopy to Robotics

  • Carlos Eduardo Domene
  • Paula Volpe


In recent years, obesity has emerged as the most common noninfectious epidemic worldwide, and its prevalence exceeds 30% of the population in many countries. It is a serious disease of multifactorial origin with an increasing incidence and high morbidity and mortality rates mainly due to the associated comorbidities that affect quality of life and longevity. An estimated more than 1.7 billion people worldwide are overweight.

Changes in lifestyle, such as nutritional reeducation and engaging in regular physical activity, are the fundamental therapeutic approaches to managing mild obesity. For patients at more advanced disease stages, bariatric surgery is recognized as the most effective treatment because it simultaneously provides long-term sustainable weight loss and resolves comorbidities, having a positive impact on mortality rates.


Laparoscopic surgery Robotic surgery 


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