Bridging Cultures in Everyday Life

  • Peter M. Haller
  • Ulrich Naegele
  • Susan Berger
Part of the Management for Professionals book series (MANAGPROF)


In this chapter, we explain how you can transfer your intercultural learnings all by yourself into practice right away. With simple, yet effective methods you will be able to find an entry into an alien culture without much experience. Just follow our step-by-step approach based on our experience from numerous seminars and coaching in over 30 years. Discover how different a culture may appear to be, a culture you may have had difficulties to relate to in beforehand. Start to recognize the differences and to build self-assurance. Find your way to create your own image leading to a positive attitude towards an alien world and enabling you to build successful relationships.


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  • Ulrich Naegele
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  • Susan Berger
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