Introduction: Psychology and Technology

  • James A. Crowder
  • John Carbone
  • Shelli Friess


There has been much talk over the last few years about the perils of the use of artificial intelligence in virtually everything we touch. From our phones to our cars, and everything in between, artificial intelligence is an integral part of our existence. Many prominent people, like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, have warned about the potential for machines to take over and cause havoc in the lives and very existence of humans. Hollywood has made untold billions of dollars painting doom-and-gloom scenarios about artificial intelligence and robots within our society today and in the future. But what is the true reality? We continually push to create increasingly intelligent systems/machines that attempt to learn, think, and reason like humans. Therefore, our first question becomes, when presented with this challenge is:


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  • James A. Crowder
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  • John Carbone
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  • Shelli Friess
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