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  • Christopher Longbottom
  • Andrea Ferreira ZandonaEmail author


Detection of dental caries lesions at the earliest stage is not a simple task and requires careful and systematic techniques to identify the subtle changes in the various characteristics of tooth tissues brought about by the pathological processes involved. Numerous technologies, including optical, radiographic, electrical and ultrasound-based methods have been and continue to be developed with the objective of detecting lesions at various stages of the caries process and supplement the visual assessment. Caries lesion detection is the first step in a three stage process, which involves lesion characterization and subsequent assimilation of the lesion information, together with patient data, to lead the clinician to a diagnosis relating to the activity (or otherwise) of any detected lesion(s) and his/her subsequent treatment-decision with regard to each lesion. The advances in caries diagnosis and management therapies have the potential to transform how dentistry is practiced.

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