A Review on Tensile Properties of Epoxy Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites by Pure and Hybrid Nanosilica Reinforcements

  • Pratik Sarode
  • Saurabh Bhombe
  • Swapnil Raskar
  • Ramnath Raut
  • Manoj BhalwankarEmail author
Conference paper


The review paper compares the results of various nanofiller additions in epoxy resin matrix nanocomposite for improvement in tensile strength properties. The individual effect of nanosilica and MWCNTs are observed and compared with their hybrid combinations. The effect of functionalization on nanofiller is also analyzed. The case study reveals that the size and volume fraction of nanofiller plays a very vital role as higher filler sizes and loadings lead to agglomeration resulting in plastisizing effects. Due to beneficial mechanical properties of epoxy nanocomposites over conventional epoxy polymer,various societal applications of epoxy resins and their nanocomposites are enlisted.


Epoxy Nanofillers Nanocomposites Tensile strength Modulus 





Coupling agent




Diglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A




Field emission scanning electron microscopy




Inner diameter




Multi walled carbon nano tube




Outer diameter


parts per hundread rubber


Particle size


Reaction catalyst




Tensile strength






Yield strength


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  • Pratik Sarode
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  • Saurabh Bhombe
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  • Swapnil Raskar
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  • Ramnath Raut
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  • Manoj Bhalwankar
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