Color Primary Correction of Image and Video Between Different Source and Destination Color Spaces

  • Santanu Dutta


This article presents an introductory review of color correction—a color remapping of image and video between different source and destination color spaces. The review specifically focuses on two main aspects of color remapping—primary color space conversion and gamut mapping—and outlines the requirements, algorithms, methods, and possible implementation options.


Color space Tristimulus values Chromaticity coordinate RGB sRGB CIE XYZ Color space conversion Color gamut Gamut mapping Rendering intent ICC profiles MacAdams ellipse 3D LUT 



The author is grateful to Jeroen Stessen for valuable and insightful discussions over the years that have led to many of the explanations presented in this article. Jeroen has been extremely gracious in proof reading of the material presented, and in permitting usage of diagrams from his 2007 presentation on extended color gamut at the HPA Tech Retreat [12]. At the time of the collaboration, Jeroen was a Senior Scientist at Philips Group Innovation, Intellectual Property & Standards, Eindhoven, Netherlands; he is currently a Principal Engineer at V-Silicon.


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