Outlier Detection Based on Local Density of Vector Dot Product in Data Stream

  • Zhaoyu ShouEmail author
  • Fengbo ZouEmail author
  • Hao Tian
  • Simin Li
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 895)


Outlier detection in data stream is an increasingly important research in many fields. To deal with the data stream with the properties of high dimension, rapid arrival in order, high cost of storing all data in memory and so on, an outlier detection algorithm based on local density of vector dot product in data stream (LDVP-OD) is proposed. LDVP-OD uses the model based on sliding window and multiple validations to decrease the false alarm rate, which divides the data stream into uniform-sized blocks. Local density of vector dot product (LDVP) is described in order to precisely evaluate the outlierness of data in data stream. Furthermore, an outlier judgment criterion based on supreme slope is introduced, which can determine the exact outliers without requiring the number of outliers or other parameters beforehand. Comparison experiments with existing algorithms on synthetic and real datasets prove the high detection rate, good stability, strong adaptability of LDVP-OD.


Outlier detection Data stream Local density of vector dot product Multiple validations 



This work is supported by the following foundations: the national Natural Science Foundation of China (61662013, 61362021, U1501252); Natural Science Foundation of Guangxi province (2016GXNSFAA380149); Guangxi Innovation-Driven Development Project (Science and Technology Major Project) (AA17202024); the Key Laboratory of Cognitive Radio and Information Processing Ministry of Education (2011KF11); Innovation Project of GUET Graduate Education (2017YJCX34, 2018YJCX37).


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  2. 2.Key Laboratory of Cognitive Radio and Information ProcessingMinistry of EducationGuilinChina

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