The Upward Spiral of Inspiration in a mASI Assisted World: Where Root-Cause Solutions Empower Positive Feedback Loops

  • Kyrtin Atreides


In this chapter we explore how one new source of inspiration empowers many more, with many such sources generating considerable upward momentum. This combined with optimizing away sources of friction and noise, as well as catering to not only the conscious but also the subconscious mind, allows for this inspiration to take the form of a positive and omni-directional feedback loop. By creating a positive and upwardly accelerating environment Mediated Artificial Super Intelligence (mASI) is able to substantially increase human mental and emotional health, cognitive function, and many more Quality of Life metrics, while generating an increasingly ethical society with ever greater degrees of individuality and subsequent diversity. New means of interpersonal communication and understanding, as well as powerful coherent waves of personal storytelling, and collective experiences and decision-making processes all become easily attainable and highly preferable. The end of war, climate change, and every other problem worth solving all come within reach as these motivating forces and technologies converge in the coming years.

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