Structural and Thermal Studies of Gel-Grown, Cadmium Mixed Levo-Tartrate Crystals

  • N. S. Patil
Conference paper


In the present work, pure cadmium mixed levo-tartrate crystal with sodium meta-silicates were grown by gel method using a single diffusion technique. It gives details regarding the grow method and different habits of crystals obtained and their transparency etc. In the present work prismatic semitransparent crystals of cadmium tartrate inside the test tube and a few pale yellowish, semitransparent, some are whitish, rhombohedra shaped, at one as end crystals are translucent were observed. As the density of gel increases the depth of whisker growth is slightly increases but below whisker growth, the better quality crystals were obtained. Well shining and transparent, varied shaped and size crystals were grown. The grown crystals were characterized for structural and thermal characterization. XRD revealed that the grown crystals were monoclinic with the grain size 34.41 nm. The formed crystals were thermally stable in the temperature range 20–75 °C.


Gel method Grown crystal XRD, TGA DTA DSC etc. 


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  • N. S. Patil
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  1. 1.Bhusawal Arts ScienceP.O.Nahata Commerce CollegeBhusawalIndia

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