Commercial Viability Analysis for Converting Conventional Water Supply System into 24×7 Water Supply Systems by Using Water Gems

  • Mukund M. PawarEmail author
  • Nitin Sonaje
  • Srushti C. BagalEmail author
Conference paper


Water is driving force of all nature. The entire world is struggling for its conservation. As India is amongst the top 12 water poor countries, wastage of water is a critical issue for us. The population of India is increasing day by day. Hence, the continuous increase in water demand is observed. This increasing demand can be fulfilled by efficient water distribution network which can be designed by using modern hydraulic software like WaterGEMS. To convert the existing water supply system into a 24∗7 continuous water supply system by using Water GEMS software, Pandharpur city has been selected. Initially existing conventional water supply network was studied in detail. The ward wise population projection was carried out for immediate stage 2015, intermediate stage 2030 and ultimate stage 2045. 30 years of design period has been adopted for this work as per norms. Water demand projections were checked with norms of 135 liters water per capita per day (LPCD) at the consumer end. Now 24∗7 continuous water supply scheme has been designed for Pandharpur city.


24∗7 water supply Continuous water supply Water gems 


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  1. 1.SVERI’s College of EngineeringPandharpurIndia
  2. 2.SVERI’s College of Engineering (Polytechnic)PandharpurIndia

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