Video Retrieval Using Textual Queries and Spoken Text

  • Bere Sachin Sukhadeo
  • Rajpure Amol Subhash
Conference paper


The expanded accessibility of broadband associations has prompted an increment in the utilization of Internet webcasting. Most webcasts are filed and got to various times reflectively. One test to skimming through such documents is the absence of text transcripts of the webcasts channel. Translation of addresses is a testing task, both in acoustic and in dialect illustrating. Recording lectures and putting them on the Web for access by under studies has turned into a general pattern at different colleges. To take full pick up of the information database that is manufactured by these records involved inquiry usefulness that must be given that goes past pursuit on meta-information level, however, performs an itemized examination of the relating multimedia reports. Videos and Texts demonstrated in lecture are nearly identified with the substance of the lecture, gives an important source for recovering lecture videos and indexing. Text substance may be separated, then analyze and deducted consequently by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) strategies. In this paper, for remedying lapses in the OCR Transcriptions, we investigated two separate systems connected just to unmatched question words. In any case, methodology delivers another arrangement of n-gram strings to coordinate the unedited OCR Transcriptions. These n-grams incorporate strings with an altered separation of 1 character and all conceivable n-gram substrings with no less than 3 characters. The second system for redressing OCR includes the word reference of spelling adjustment strategy gave in MS Words. The peculiarities of MS Word 2000, an OCR perceived string was extended through an application program interface into its corrected spellings. An exceptionally progressive style, just growing words that MS Word had flagged as erroneously spelled which we have depicted before. This significantly decreased the number of spurious word competitors and maintained a strategic distance from false matches.


Lecture videos Automatic text indexing n-gram string OCR Lecture video 


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  • Bere Sachin Sukhadeo
    • 1
  • Rajpure Amol Subhash
    • 1
  1. 1.Dattakala Group of Institution FOEDaundIndia

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