Development of Automatic Control System & Performance Analysis of Heat Recovery System in SO2 Gas Generation Process

  • Amir Deshmukh
Conference paper


Nowadays the demand for energy is growing enormously; however available energy lacks in to deliver. For this reason, there may be no choice for correct and green utilization and conservation of energy. In this paper, the primary stress has been given on energy conservation by way of using the method of using waste heat. This paper provides a work targeted at the waste heat in sugar industry for enhancing energy efficiency. In this era, energy crisis is an extreme problem throughout the globe. For the safety of the worldwide environment and to keep ecological stability, energy saving is one of the most important needs. Consequently, it is essential that we need to endeavor for waste heat recovery by making a substantial and concrete effort. Conservation of energy by way of waste heat recovery is the need of the hour. The different aspects of heat recovery and the methodologies, technologies being utilized for optimization of energy in industries. The objective of this work is to the hypothetical design of heat recovery system in the SO2 gas generation process.


Heat recovery system SO2 gas generation process Heat exchanger Automatic control 



I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to my guide Prof. M. V. Kavade for his invaluable and inspiring suggestions. I would also like to express my deep sense of gratitude to my industrial guide Mr. S. K. Godase for allowing me to conduct the project in Sahakar Maharshi Sugar Industry, Akluj and sharing his valuable industrial experience.


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