Anaerobic Digestion, Enhancement in Biogas Production and Quality Improvement

  • M. B. KulkarniEmail author
  • P. M. Ghanegaonar
Conference paper


The present experimental work explores an environment-friendly solution to the problem of floral waste disposal and search for a sustainable energy source in the Indian scenario. The work comprises attempts for enhancement in biogas production and improvement in biogas quality for widespread uses. A novel alkaline chemical pretreatment applied to floral waste using sodium carbonate increases the biogas output by 106%, with a saving in the cost of chemical pretreatment up to 96%, in comparison with the traditional sodium hydroxide pretreatment. Also, solar heating of the digester increases the biogas output by 122%. Enrichment of methane content in biogas up to 85.07% and hydrogen sulfide efficiency of 87.50% is achieved by using chemical absorption technique in packed column reactors. Implementation of the proposed low-cost techniques on a large scale has a potential to fulfill increasing energy demands in the Indian context.


Anaerobic digestion Chemical pretreatment Solar heating of the digester Biogas upgradation Chemical absorption technique 


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