Advanced Method for Image Resolution Enhancement

  • Neeta P. KulkarniEmail author
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Image resolution enhancement is one of the most common methods of low-level digital image. For effective functioning of image processing application, high resolution images are important. Image resolution enhancement means increasing the clarity of the system. The basic technique for image resolution enhancement is DWT. But due to loss of high frequency components, SWT is also combined with DWT. High frequency components of DWT are added it with high frequency components of SWT. Interpolation of high frequency sub-bands of DWT is taken. It is combined with SWT high sub-bands. Interpolation is applied to it. Finally, IDWT is applied to get an enhanced image. Haar wavelet is used in this method. Enhanced image is compared with the original image. PSNR is the main performance parameter. This method overcomes the drawback of DWT. İt is using a combination of interpolation, DWT & SWT for image resolution enhancement.


Image processing Peak signal to noise ratio Interpolation factor Haar wavelet 


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