Aristolochia rotunda L. (Aristolochiaceae)

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It is the female of A. longa, commonly found in the Mediterranean countries, south of Europe, Central Asia, and Kashmir; both A. longa and A. rotunda also grow in Iran and Iraq. The plant is regarded resolvent, deobstruent, expectorant, emollient, emmenagogue, aphrodisiac, and analgesic; also described as stomachic, stimulating and cephalic, and for the treatment of amenorrhea, pectoral diseases, such as chronic cough and asthma. Its decoction (internally) and paste (externally), are used in arthritis, sciatica, pleurisy, chronic pains, hepatitis and splenitis. This is one of the plants included in this book that has not been investigated, though unlikely, phytochemically and pharmacologically.


Aristoloche arrondie Aristoloquia redonda Nukhud-alward Round-leaved birthwort Knollige osterluzei Smearwort Zarawand-e-gird Zarawand-mudahraj Zeravent otu 

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