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Post-Mastectomy Adjuvant Radiotherapy (PMRT)

  • Ilknur Bilkay GorkenEmail author


Mastectomy can remove any detectable macroscopic disease, but some tumor foci might remain in the locoregional tissue (i.e., chest wall or lymph nodes) that could lead the locoregional recurrence (LRR) of the disease. Post-mastectomy adjuvant radiotherapy (PMRT) has potential to eliminate such microscopic disease. The risk of LRR after mastectomy is 3–46%, depending on the stage of the disease and prognostic factors. PMRT has been recommended for patients with ≥4 positive axillary lymph nodes but not given for most women with node-negative disease. Patients with one to three positive axillary lymph nodes constitute a gray zone. PMRT indications and side effects will be discussed in this chapter.


Mastectomy Post-mastectomy adjuvant radiotherapy (PMRT) 


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