Research of the Control Algorithms for a State of Duplex Communication Channel in the Conditions of Multipath

  • L. UryvskyEmail author
  • S. OsypchukEmail author
  • V. SolyanikovaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 560)


This chapter is devoted to the features of the modern DVB-T2 standard technology research, which are designed to provide high noise immunity to the information transmission in duplex multiservice high data rate channels. The object of the study is the influence of transformations used in the DVB-T2 systems on the communication line noise immunity. The expediency of borrowing and transferring the tools that used in DVB-T2 into the duplex communication line is considered, in order to increase the noise immunity of the system. The proposals on increasing the noise immunity of the duplex communication line with the use of DVB-T2 standard transformations are given. In this paper, the parameters calculation of a typical radio relay link is carried out, and the adaptive encoding and modulation scheme for a duplex transmission system is developed based on a DVB-T2 MCS set. The channel models with fading are analyzed and the choice of the channel model and methods of calculating the noise immunity parameters using the DVB-T2 technology are substantiated.


Duplex communication line DVB-T2 standard Noise immunity Modulation Encoding Modulation-coding scheme Radio relay line Fading 


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