On Human Identification Using Running Patterns: A Straightforward Approach

  • R. AnushaEmail author
  • C. D. Jaidhar
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 941)


Gait is a promising biometric for which various methods have been developed to recognize individuals by the pattern of their walking. Nevertheless, the possibility of identifying individuals by using their running video remains largely unexplored. This paper proposes a new and simple method that extends the feature based approach to recognize people by the way they run. In this work, 12 features were extracted from each image of a gait cycle. These are statistical, texture based and area based features. The Relief feature selection method is employed to select the most relevant features. These selected features are classified using k-NN (k-Nearest Neighbor) classifier. The experiments are carried out on KTH and Weizmann database. The obtained experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed method.


Classification Feature extraction Gait recognition Human identification 



We owe our sincere thanks to the team behind KTH action database [19] and Weizmann action database [10], for sharing the database with us, without which the work could not have been done.


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