A State-of-Art Review on Automatic Video Annotation Techniques

  • Krunal RandiveEmail author
  • R. Mohan
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 940)


Video annotation has gained attention because of the rapid development of video information and wide usage of video analysis in all directions. With the capacity of depicting video at the semantic level, video annotation has numerous applications in video analysis. Due to the shortcomings present in manual video annotation, Automatic Video Annotation was introduced. In this paper, distinctive methodologies of automatic video annotation are discussed. These models are classified into five classes namely, (1) Generative models, (2) Distance-based similarity model, (3) Discriminative model, (4) Ontology-based models, (5) Deep Learning-based models. The key theoretical contributions in the current decade in support of video annotation strategies are discussed. Additionally, the future directions concerning the research aspect of video annotation strategies are discussed.


Automatic Video Annotation (AVA) Deep learning Ontology Feature extraction Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) 


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