CRIST900: A Fully-Labeled Natural Image Dataset for Multi-Operator Content Aware Image Retargeting

  • M. AbhayadevEmail author
  • T. Santha
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 940)


A fully-labeled image dataset provides an exclusive resource for reproducible analysis, investigation inquiries and data analyses in different research computational fields like machine learning, computer vision and deep learning machine intelligence. This research paper present a large scale fully-labeled natural image dataset for Multi-Operator content aware image retargeting techniques. The image dataset is feely available for image processing research field. The current research natural image dataset entitled CRIST900, it include 900 natural images and uses for content aware image retargeting. The proposed CRIST is an image retargeting Multi-Operator method called Content Retargeting Image reSizing Technique. The proposed image resizing method has three phases, image object boundary identification, the image objects feature importance visual saliency map generation and Multi-Operator techniques for efficient retargeting of image objects. The Multi-Operator retargeted image quality assessment was done by different subjective and objective image quality assessment matrices. The experimental result shows that the proposed approach can attain better result than the traditional methods and content aware state-of-the-art image retargeting techniques. The research dataset is publicly available at


Seam carving Multi-Operator Saliency map Scaling Retargeting 



We express our respect and gratitude for the great help and contributions of Mr. Aneesh T K (Senior Video Editor Amrita Television, Calicut Bureau, Kerala), Mr. Arun Krishnan P (Field Sales Officer in Hegde & Hegde Pharmaceutica LLP, Calicut, Kerala) and Mr. Sakthi Shiva Kumar (Agricultural Scientist and Researcher, Tamilnadu) in collecting the natural image dataset CRIST900 and for giving many valuable suggestions in completing this research.


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