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Edith was reappointed to take charge of radiology at Royaumont and Villers-Cotterêts, under Frances Ivens. She took over from Agnes Savill, the doctor who had established the X-ray department at Royaumont at the end of 1914. On her arrival in November 1917, Edith started to expand and reorganise the X-ray department, ordering new equipment and training new staff. Edith replaced some older, cheaper X-ray equipment with more powerful and safer units. She designed a request form for radiology, localisation, electrotherapy and electrical nerve testing. Villers-Cotterêts had been established to be closer to the front line than Royaumont in the expectation of a need to handle rapidly large numbers of casualties during major offences. This finally happened at the end of May 1918, when a German advance almost overran the hospital. For a few days they dealt with wounded continuously, until they finally had to abandon the hospital, travelling to Royaumont on foot or by car, because the railway line was damaged, leaving behind all the X-ray equipment and their personal possessions. Edith returned the following day, under bombardment, to recover as much undamaged equipment as possible. Within a day, she had set up a second X-ray room at Royaumont.


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