Many Helpful Therapies

  • Harold N. Levinson


Many therapies have been reported helpful for those with the dyslexia/CVS syndrome. However, because of my comprehensive CVS theory, it is now possible to holistically and uniquely encompass and properly explain them all and so facilitate their acceptance and use.



A varied assortment of medical and non-medical therapies have been presented and discussed. Hopefully, this clinically based presentation of helpful methods and related insights will advance every dedicated professional’s ultimate aim: to better understand and identify the best possible multidisciplinary approach so as to maximize the benefit that can be provided to all those who suffer with the dyslexia/CVS syndrome, young and old.

I have little doubt that the probable synergy (1 + 1 = 3) some of these methods, when properly understood, combined, and selectively implemented by dedicated healers and educators, will lead to more effective outcomes. Perhaps it may also enhance normal CVS and related cognitive/educational-targeted functions?

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