The Reading Process in Dyslexia

  • Harold N. Levinson


In many ways, the discovery and clarification of all the basic underlying inner-ear-/cerebellar-related determining mechanisms responsible for first the reading symptoms and then the non-reading symptoms, characterizing the dyslexia or CVS syndrome, was yet another of the many challenging and stimulating aspects of my evolving research efforts. Needless to say, these efforts did not proceed smoothly or in straight lines. Once again, backtracking and zigzagging were commonplace. And only after many years of listening and questioning, observing and treating thousands of dyslexics did I eventually see that the reading disorder in dyslexia was similar, by analogy, to a 4-D hologram in which the more you looked, the more complex the reading portrait became, and that this “hologram” continually changed over time in patients—due to a host of dynamically interacting compensatory vs. destabilizing variables. Eventually I was even forced to recognize that the multidimensional reading hologram was but 1 of 18 comprising the dyslexia syndrome.

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