Only the CVS Theory Can Explain All of Kathy’s Dyslexic Symptoms and Mechanisms

  • Harold N. Levinson


Now that I’ve updated and clarified my “synergistic” CVS theory of the dyslexia syndrome, I can more easily explain all of dyslexia’s—Kathy’s—specific symptoms and dysfunctioning vs. compensatory mechanisms. However, were I to do so here completely, this chapter would become book-sized. So, I’ll compromise. I’ll clarify a convincing array of Kathy’s CVS-determined dyslexic characteristics and use subsequent Chaps.  16 and  17 to significantly elaborate further. But I can assure you: My CVS theory, especially when supercharged, and its defining formula explains and encompasses all known dyslexic manifestations, including those within the Self-Diagnostic Test—100 percent of them.

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