The First Half Century (and a Bit)

  • Damien Broderick
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In 1888, the brilliant working class English youth Herbert George Wells was 21 years old when he invented the notion of a powered machine that might convey its inventor into the future or the past and back home again. The serialized but unfinished short story where he displayed this idea was titled The Chronic Argonauts (published in The Science Schools Journal of the Royal College of Science) and later reviled by Wells for its amateurish crudity. He even “went to the length of buying up and destroying the back issues of the Science Schools Journal where its three instalments appeared…” In the next 7 years, as he developed as a writer of both fiction and what we now call “pop-science,” Wells toyed with this fecund theme and finally published its first mature expression, the short novel (just 32,600 words in length, so strictly a novella) titled The Time Machine.

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  1. Poul Anderson “Flight to Forever” 1950Google Scholar

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