Promoting Inner Strength in Faith Community Nurses and Faith Communities

  • Gayle RouxEmail author
  • Catherine Dingley


The phenomenon of inner strength has been investigated by the authors over the last 25 years. The study and practice of inner strength interventions have led to a middle-range theory of inner strength and an instrument to measure inner strength. The theory and instrument have been developed and tested predominantly in samples of women. This chapter emphasizes the application of interventions to foster the growth of inner strength in faith community nurses and their ministry communities. A plan for nourishment of inner strength in the faith community nurse incorporates four major characteristics: Realistic and Intentional, Investment in Enjoyment, Nonlinear Movement, and Communicating the Value of Faith Community Nursing. The intentional plan to foster inner strength in the individual as well as the faith community ministry holds promise to redefine how health and enhanced social cohesion are viewed.


Inner strength Spirituality Enjoyment Communication Social cohesion 


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