Research Contributions to CSR 2.0 in Tourism

  • Valentina DinicaEmail author
  • Dagmar Lund-Durlacher
  • Dirk Reiser
Part of the CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance book series (CSEG)


This chapter presents a synthesis of the main features of the CSR 2.0 normative framework and articulates eight research themes. The chapter contributions in this volume are then discussed, focusing first on those pertaining to Part II—Assessing businesses willingness and ability to engage with CSR 2.0 themes. The second half of the chapter explains how authors engage with the four research themes concerned with the more detailed aspects of implementing initiatives, including how they put into practice business innovations and partnerships consistent with CSR 2.0.


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  • Valentina Dinica
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    Email author
  • Dagmar Lund-Durlacher
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  • Dirk Reiser
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  1. 1.School of GovernmentVictoria University of WellingtonWellingtonNew Zealand
  2. 2.Department of Tourism and Service ManagementMODUL University ViennaViennaAustria
  3. 3.Rhine-Waal University of Applied SciencesKleveGermany

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