Achieving Agricultural Sustainability – The Future Challenge

  • Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair


The road to sustainable development, globally, is so much rooted in sustainable agriculture. Although the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, kindled hope for a realistic approach to sustainable development, the World Summit For Sustainable Development (WSSD 2002) in Johannesburg, The Republic of South Africa, a decade later, found the results to have fallen far too short of the intended goals and the efforts to be lacking in commitment and focus. The chapter discusses, at length, the various aspects where serious attention needs to be focused on to attain sustainable development vis-à-vis sustainable agriculture.


Sustainable development Socio economic problems Food security Global economic, and social challenges Food security Sustainable intensification High potential lands Low potential lands Natural ecosystems Agricultural ecosystems Agroecosystems Ecology Productivity Stability Sustainability Equitability 


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