Gakusoku 学則 (“School Rules”), Sorai-sensei tōmonsho 徂徠先生答問書 (“Master Sorai’s Responsals”)

  • Takayama Daiki 
Part of the Tetsugaku Companions to Japanese Philosophy book series (TCJP, volume 2)


Gakusoku was published in Kyōhō 12 (1727) as a separate volume under the title Sorai-sensei gakusoku. Sorai-sensei tōmonsho, too, was published in the same year. After Ogyū Sorai had constructed his own, original system of learning, which is known as “Sorai’s teachings” (Sorai-gaku), these two are the only books by his hand that were published before his death. Both are works that tell the main points of Sorai’s teachings, but the language in which they do so is greatly different.


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