Forming a Physician Culture of Mission and Wellbeing

  • Michael W. Doyle


The indescribable satisfaction that comes with healing patients and affecting other people’s lives is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a physician. Yet, the quality of this fulfillment is frequently dependent upon a physician’s experience of service in a healthcare environment that understands purpose and meaning as part of a life of wellbeing. At a time when a growing number of physicians are experiencing burnout and frustration with the demands of today’s healthcare environment, some faith-based healthcare organizations have resolved to renew a sense of purpose in the healing profession. These healthcare organizations are accomplishing this goal by joining with physicians to explore the meaning of mission and wellbeing within the physician culture. This chapter will focus on the efforts of Mercy healthcare to form physicians within a mission and wellbeing culture through a variety of initiatives, activities, and experiences. The focus of these efforts is the integration of mission and a culture of wellbeing in recruitment, within daily encounters of care, and through various professional and personal transitions within the healthcare environment. Mercy’s desired outcome for physicians is that they find renewed meaning in their work as part of a balanced, larger sense of wellbeing.


Hospital administration Physician orientation Physician wellbeing Hospital culture Healthcare and mission 

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