Newman and Loretta: Parents of Arthur, a Man Who Has Schizophrenia

  • James W. Drisko
  • Melissa D. Grady
Part of the Essential Clinical Social Work Series book series (ECSWS)


This chapter illustrates the EBP practice decision-making process in work with the parents of an adult male who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The parents, Newman and Loretta, are experiencing high levels of stress as they watch their son experience more severe symptoms. They are also facing their own challenges associated with aging paired with additional financial concerns due to their son’s mental health needs. Issues of assessment are addressed, and the six steps of the EBP process are each explored in detail.


Evidence-based practice The steps of evidence-based practice Doing EBP in clinical social work practice Case example of doing the EBP process with an older couple concerned for their adult child who has schizophrenia 


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  2. 2.School of Social ServiceCatholic University of AmericaWashington, DCUSA

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