Women at School

  • Francesca Frascaroli


When I was asked to take part in this project and to consider my life and work experiences from the point of view of women’s health, I realised that teaching has always been at their heart. I could read at 5, so I started my career unknowingly, by telling my friends stories they loved to hear or babysitting for younger children. Later on, I tutored my classmates and younger students at high school, Liceo Classico Statale “Marco Minghetti” in Bologna. Liceo Classico is a 5-year secondary school type, one of the few European schools where ancient languages (Latin and Ancient Greek) are taught together with current ones (mostly English). Among the other subject matters are Mathematics and Physics, History and Philosophy, Chemistry, Biology, Natural Science, and Art History. Classes are generally formed by 20–25 students, most of whom typically progress to HE (higher education).

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