ManDri: A New Proposal of Manus VR Facility Integration in Everyday Car Driving

  • Walter BalzanoEmail author
  • Maurizio Minieri
  • Silvia Stranieri
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 927)


The purpose of this paper is to analyze all the possible uses of the Manus VR in everyday driving, to make it easier and safer. With these technological gloves, equipped with eleven sensors for each hand, able to precisely pick up every movement of the hand and fingers, it is possible to associate various gestures to specific actions. In particular, they allow to turn, accelerate, brake, activate the car turn signals, the air conditioning, even alarm, everything just using simple gestures. But ManDri is not only framed in today’s guide: indeed, a glove, being equipped with two IMUs (inertial measurement units), can be integrated with GPS (global position system). In fact, progresses in these years allow the production of IMU-enabled GPS devices, that allow a GPS receiver to work even when GPS-signals are unavailable, such as inside buildings, tunnels, or places characterized by electronic interference. Moreover, it is also possible to create the ManDri app for all the devices so that, after connecting them to the gloves, dedicated accounts can be created for chosen people allowed to use them, making easier the control, the management, and the gloves gestures customization. This device unavoidably becomes essential and difficult to replace after trying it. These positive premises make us understand how advantageous the choice to use these gloves in everyday driving to improve it, make it safer, and undoubtedly facilitate it.


Manus VR ManDri IMU GPS 


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  • Maurizio Minieri
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  • Silvia Stranieri
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