Interaction with Collaborative Robot Using 2D and TOF Camera

  • Aleš VysockýEmail author
  • Robert Pastor
  • Petr Novák
Conference paper
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With increasing count of applications with collaborative robots it is important to be able to set up conditions for controlling the robot and its interaction with human operator. This article describes a quick response system detecting hands of the operator using 2D and TOF camera in the shared operator-robot workspace. The technology provides data about position of hands and gestures which is used to instant reactions of the robot on presence of the operator and to control the robot. Interaction with robot with gestures is for the operator more intuitive with no need of expertise knowledge. Operator can use both hands, so the operation is more efficient and faster. This system was tested on prototype workplace and results are evaluated in this article.


Cobot HMI TOF camera Gesture control HRC Industrial robot 



This article has been elaborated in the research project Research Centre of Advanced Mechatronic Systems, reg. no. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000867 in the frame of the Operational Program Research, Development and Education, project “Coboty – vývoj periferií” HS3541801 in cooperation with Moravskoslezský automobilový klastr, z.s. This article has been supported by specific research project SP2018/86 and financed by the state budget of the Czech Republic.


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