The SDGs and African Higher Education

  • Han AartsEmail author
  • Heinz Greijn
  • Goolam Mohamedbhai
  • James Otieno Jowi
Part of the Sustainable Development Goals Series book series (SDGS)


Higher Education (HE) has a crucial role to play in realizing the sustainable development agenda and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG 4 deals specifically with education and calls for equitable access to affordable and quality post-secondary education. That is important, especially in Africa, but, as the authors will argue, the role of HE and of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can and should go beyond that. The first 16 SDGs address virtually all aspects of life, and HEIs should respond to them comprehensively. Indeed, the SDGs offer an opportunity for African HEIs to boost their societal relevance. This chapter explores ways in which this might be achieved.


Higher education institution Quality education Sustainability Capacity building 


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  • Heinz Greijn
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  • Goolam Mohamedbhai
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