Isolated Subtalar Joint Arthrodesis

  • Michael D. Dujela
  • Ryan T. Scott
  • Matthew D. Sorensen
  • Mark A. Prissel


Isolated subtalar joint fusion is a powerful procedure applied in the engagement of definitive treatment for hindfoot arthritis and/or deformity. Because of the importance of the subtalar joint in dynamic biomechanical gait pattern kinematics, disease intrinsic to the joint can prove debilitating [1]. Pathology associated with this important joint includes post-traumatic arthritis, flatfoot deformity, cavus foot deformity, inflammatory arthritis, and tarsal coalition [2]. Late-stage STJ arthritis from long-standing residual hindfoot deformity or failed joint salvage attempts are also indications for definitive fusion [3]. Certainly, subtalar joint fusion is often utilized in conjunction with other joint-modifying procedures such as total ankle replacement or global foot and ankle reconstructive procedures [4]. Reported union rates are high at 84–100% (Reference). Because of the high union rate and low complication rates, the procedure has a high patient satisfaction coefficient [5]. Case I shows significant deformity with STJ arthritic change and subsequent definitive fusion in conjunction with concomitant procedures in a long-standing recalcitrant flatfoot. Case 2 shows definitive STJ fusion secondary to post-traumatic arthritic change and calcaneal body collapse with decreased talar declination angle.


Subtalar joint Arthrodesis Fusion Hindfoot Post-traumatic arthritis 


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  • Michael D. Dujela
    • 1
  • Ryan T. Scott
    • 2
  • Matthew D. Sorensen
    • 3
  • Mark A. Prissel
    • 4
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