Prospects for Biodiesel and Biogas Production in India: A Review of Technologies

  • Sreenivas ChigullapalliEmail author
  • Anand B. Rao
Part of the Biofuel and Biorefinery Technologies book series (BBT, volume 10)


Bioenergy is the traditional and versatile source of energy with renewed interest due to its carbon mitigation potential assuming CO2 neutrality, need for diversification of energy sources, and the renewable nature of feedstocks. Biofuels are receiving increased attention due to their potential to enhance the energy independence in the transportation sector with simultaneous climate change mitigation by reducing GHG emissions. To be able to make biofuel production in India a commercial success, we may need to have strong technological base supported by policy support mechanisms. If produced sustainably, biofuels may offer a part of the solution for problems such as energy security, import dependence for energy, rural employment generation, and climate change mitigation.


Biodiesel Biogas Biofuel policy Transesterification Anaerobic digestion Climate change mitigation GHG emissions Blending targets 


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