Complications and Revision of Radial Head Arthroplasty: Management and Outcomes

  • Jetske Viveen
  • Izaäk F. Kodde
  • Ante Prkic
  • Bertram The
  • Denise Eygendaal


Since the introduction of radial head prostheses (RHP), comminuted fractures of the radial head are more frequently treated with use of a prosthesis. Good functional outcomes of primary RHP have been reported, although the complication and revision rates are still relatively high. If the prosthesis fails, several surgical interventions are possible, including removal, revision to a radiocapitellar or total elbow arthroplasty, or replacement by another RHP. The decision which type of secondary surgery should be performed depends on the stability and chondral condition of the elbow joint. Unfortunately, to date, little is known about the functional outcomes after either removal or revision surgery of RHP. Some reports indicate improvement of pain and function after revision surgery, but these conclusions should be interpreted with some caution, since they were based on small patient cohorts with limited follow-up.


Radial head Arthroplasty Complications Outcomes Revision surgery Treatment algorithm 


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