• Nezameddin Faghih
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This introduction provides a summary of globalization and development with economic and sociocultural perspectives from emerging markets. It gives a brief synopsis of the properties of the link between globalization and development and multifarious facets, dimensions, aspects, elements, features, processes, structures, trends, and evidences of globalization and its convolution with development, presenting economic and sociocultural perspectives from emerging markets. It explains the contents of the book and various chapters contributed enthusiastically by many outstanding academics and experts, researchers, and scholars who are conducting research in the interdisciplinary (and multidisciplinary) field of globalization studies, exploring present and future issues and challenges in this area. Additionally, the research papers presented in this book can provide new insights into globalization studies and also international business for researchers interested in both comparative studies and development of new theories, especially because the rise of emerging markets is known as a remarkable opportunity for development of such theories.


Globalization Development Emerging markets Economic globalization Sociocultural globalization 


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