Regulatory Framework for Development of Renewable Energy Generation in Turkey

  • Özlem Döğerlioğlu IşıksungurEmail author


Turkey accepts renewable energy as one of the important mitigation options and tools for satisfying the growth in energy needs by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, besides being a key pillar of its strategy. As part of its indigenization policy, Turkey wants to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy production by at least 30 percent and the commissioning of more new renewable energy investments. Substantial progress has been made on the regulatory side to promote electricity generation from renewable sources. Identification of Turkish renewable energy policies and regulations on electricity generation, in addition to legislative barriers and opportunities that prevent or enable widespread deployment of renewable energy are of importance for the investors. Although there are shortcomings in theory and practice, it seems Turkish fast-growing renewable market, particularly RE-Zone projects and probably rooftop solar projects, will be attractive markets for investors.


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