Population, Social and Economic Change

  • Vishwambhar Prasad SatiEmail author
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The Uttarakhand Himalaya is sparsely populated. Population is mainly concentrated along the river valleys and the mid-altitudes. Literacy rate and level of education is comparatively higher. In rural areas of mountainous mainland, sex ratio is high. Although, population is growing yet, population growth rate is decreasing. Society is woven by various cults, castes and creeds, mainly Brahmins, Rajputs and Scheduled Caste People and their sub-castes. Besides, a group of people belong to Scheduled Tribes. Caste system prevailed during the past whereas, in due course of time, it has diluted. Occupational structure of all the segments of society has been changing from practicing agriculture to working in the service sector.


Indigenous population Education Unemployment Population profile Social structure Economic disparity 


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