Trichiasis, Distichiasis, and Eyelash Ptosis

  • Valerie H. ChenEmail author
  • Dale R. Meyer
  • Edward J. Wladis


Trichiasis refers to eyelashes in normal anatomic position that are misdirected posteriorly toward the ocular surface. This malposition is in contrast to distichiasis, in which accessory eyelashes originate from an abnormal position at or near the Meibomian gland orifices. Lash ptosis is the global declination of upper eyelid lashes despite a well-positioned eyelid margin. In this chapter, we review normal eyelash anatomy as well as the various causes and treatment options to address these abnormal lashes.


Eyelash Trichiasis Distichiasis Lash ptosis Entropion Blepharotomy Tarsal rotation 


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